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GOULD, Stephen Edward



Royal Air Force

230 Sqdn

Blake by MacLeod.jpg



Alamein Memorial

Stevie, son of Mr & Mrs Edward Gould, 17 Caledonia Crescent, Gourock. Educated at Gourock High School. Member of 1st Gourock BB. Family came to Gourock in 1918 to work in the Torpedo Factory.

Sunderland I L2166 aircraft shot down and crashed at sea off the coast of Tobruk, Libya, Sunderland LZ2166, 230 Squadron, 1 August 1941. His devotion to duty which sometimes caused him to work 24 hours without a break, and his continual cheerfulness under adverse conditions were an inspiration to the rest of the crew. His keenness in his work, which entailed manning his gun and attending to the instruments during long flights, set a high example.

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