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Durham Light Infantry

9th Battalion

Blake by MacLeod.jpg

Port Glasgow


Catania War Cemetery

Aged 29. 5 Wallace Street, Port Glasgow. Kennedy fought with the International Brigade in Spain for two years, and bore the marks of floggings received during his adventures there. On one occasion he faced a firing squad and had a last minute deliverance. Ex pupil of St John's . Member of the Greenock Communist Party. Native of Ballycastle, he had served with the Royal Navy. Won the Military Medal for courage, resource and fearless devotion to duty and he displayed these qualities in an outstanding and inspiring manner. During the attack on the Mareth Line Corporal Kennedy was commander of a Bren gun carrier which became bogged. He left the carrier and joined the foremost company. Here he helped some wounded men to hold an important post. He went forward single handed and silenced the enemy. Later he successfully drove off an enemy sniper from another position. Finally he brought them some food and assisted the unit's signallers to lay the line to Battalion HQ under continuous shell fire

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